Custom Paper: Socio Economic Crisis in America

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Custom Paper: Socio Economic Crisis in America

Socio-Economic Crisis in America

Illiteracy statistics in America are alarming and represent not only a socio-educational crisis but also a socio-economic crisis. In a survey conducted by Trivani Word Press in 2008, America was ranked 12th among 20 higher income countries. On the domestic front, statistics further reveal that 7 million adult Americans are illiterate and only 50% are unable to read a book at 8th-grade level (Morse, 2007).

In a subcommittee on Education Reform Committee on Education and the Workforce held in 2002, United States House of Representative stated that 92 million Americans had low or extremely low literacy skills with some being able to read at 6th grade level (Wild, 2006). Although statistics may differ, the overall conclusion observed is that illiteracy is growing at an alarming rate in the United States. On a global front, America is at a competitive disadvantage to other countries in today’s competitive market due to illiteracy.

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