Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement?

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Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement?

The starting of a new school year initiates with the reawakening of old discussion over the significance of homework. At all levels of grade, scores on class tests can be improved through practice assignments. Students of elementary school may avail a significant amount of help through homework. As homework may help them in building their study habits. However, the homework for junior high students reaches a declining point after ninety minutes at night. As the positive line for high school students continues to last for two and a half hours of homework at night after that it appears to decline.

Besides accomplishments, it also has been argued by proponents that homework may have significant other advantages. It can help students in developing good habits of study so that they grow with the maturity of their cognitive capacities. It can also help students in realizing that learning can take place at school as well as at home. In addition, responsible character traits and independent learning in students can also be fostered by homework. Moreover, it can also provide a significant opportunity for parents to see what is happening at school and allow them to express their positive gestures towards accomplishment.

However, where benefits of homework have been appreciated for improving the academic accomplishment of students, it also has been criticized for its negative impacts by the homework’s opponents. They argued that along with school work it can drive to boredom, as all of the activities remain interesting only for a shorter time period. It was agreed by most educators that the homework amount varies according to the subject in senior and high level, whereas, thirty to sixty minutes of homework a day can be handled by 3rd to a 6th grader.

However, only ten to twenty minutes of homework must be given to children of grades K-2. In addition, it can also deny access of students to leisure activities which can teach them significant life skills. Along with this, it can also lead to over-involvement of parents, who may confuse and pressure their children by using various instructional methods in comparison to the teacher. Thereby, it is suggested that the amount and the limit of the homework must be prescribed by the homework policies. In addition, the flexibility of considering the unique circumstances and needs of families and students must also be considered with respect to homework. In total, the extreme levels related to homework must be avoided by both the teachers and the school.  

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