Custom Paper: Denis Johnsons Generation of Writers

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Custom Paper: Denis Johnsons Generation of Writers

Using the emotional appeal to capture the attention of the readers is one of the major qualities that made the generation of authors such as Denis Johnson stand out from the beat generation. The beat generation of writers actually believed that there was no need to try and capture the emotional appeal of their audience. There were a lot of criticisms that were aimed at the Beat generation’s aesthetics and behavior.

These criticisms came from their readers who greatly associated them being very anti-intellectual and even saw them as unrefined. Their supposed sexual deviancy played a big role in this judgement as well as their use of the illicit drugs (Morley, 2007). This was the total opposite of the Denis Johnson’s generation of writers. These writers believed in upholding the moral qualities of the society. Denis Johnson for one had fought the addiction to drugs (Morley, 2007). He did not allow himself to be addicted to the use and abuse of drugs and he expresses this in his writings. He advises his readers on the danger that lies in engaging oneself in such behavior.

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