Custom Paper: Effects of Illiteracy

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Custom Paper: Effects of Illiteracy

Effects of Illiteracy

Illiteracy has profound effects on the individual and society at large. It affects the growth and prosperity of a nation hence the struggle to defeat this threat should include everyone in the society. Education is a valuable tool that helps an individual to become a productive citizen as well as live a life of purpose. Without education, an individual is likely to indulge in any possible means of survival including criminal activities.

Opportunities to find decent jobs for illiterate persons are limited since most of them cannot read classified ads or fill out a job application. As a result, most of them end up in welfares or indulge in crime to survive. Illiterate people earn very little income, something that limits their ability to spend. As a result, there is very little demand for products, and this affects the economy negatively since there is a decline in the creation of jobs. According to (Kozol), the cost incurred by businesses and taxpayers is estimated to be $20 billion annually. This cost includes money for supporting people who are unemployed due to illiteracy.

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