Essay: Basic Concepts of Multicultural Counseling

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Essay: Basic Concepts of Multicultural Counseling

A very important factor of the transcultural approach is the fact that it does provide some more components, which portray the basic concepts of multicultural counseling. Some of these key concepts in this model are the cultural worldviews, cultural self-awareness, and the cultural values.

The cultural identity, gender role, cultural barriers, stereotypes, and prejudices are also concepts outlined in this model play (Garcia, Cartwright, Winston & Borzuchowska, 2003). These are concepts that emerged in multicultural counseling as early as the 60s and have grown and spread further since then.

Studies conducted to look into the multicultural articles have revealed that multiculturalism is a very important aspect of decision making when it comes to counseling. This does help the counselor to be able to make the appropriate decisions when dealing with clients. Thus, it is in this view that we can see that the transcultural integrative model of decision making is actually more preferable than the feminist model of ethical decision making. The concepts outlined in the transcultural integrative model are very significant to a counselor in the decision-making processes.

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