Essay: The effects of terrorism

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Essay: The effects of terrorism

 The effect of terrorism on tourism and the economy

The world is becoming full of dangers and harmful acts done by people to destroy each and other. Some of these acts are done in the name of religion; others are done in the name of humanity. While any kind of violent activity cannot be justified, terrorism has become a major part of some of the countries. Terrorism can prove to be a deadly act which can harm the lives of thousands of citizens who are living in a particular place. It is commonly done by groups who wish to become dominant over the entire world or seek their personal purpose for killing other people and destroying their lives.

Terrorism can include suicide killings and bombings which can affect the lives of thousands of people. Humanity is lost when such acts are experienced. The world famous terrorist was done on America by the Al-Qaida, where the twin towers in New York were crashed through a suicide bomb which was placed in a plane. It was known as 9/11 because the date of the terrorist act was 9th September 2001. 9/11 has, therefore, become a landmark in the history of terrorist attacks. In the eastern countries, these attacks are also common even at today’s date.

While terrorism can have an impact on people’s lives, it can also affect a country’s economy. Trade and tourism business are also affected and experience a downfall. The third world countries depend on tourism and travel to boost their national income and therefore, because of the terrorist acts, few people come into the country and are interested in investing it because of the lack of safety. Some of the African countries and others such as Syria and Egypt are particularly affected by it. Since there would be a deficit budget on the country’s economy, the economy would experience deflation, unemployment and even a high crime rate.

Tourism is a service industry and it deals with transportation, accommodation and merchandising. Therefore, there is a combined effect on the whole service sector. There are people whose jobs are suffered because of terrorism because they have no customers to serve. People are reluctant to visit countries where there are higher levels of criminal activities and especially terrorist attacks. They do not want to put their lives at risk even if traveling is part of their job or earning. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between tourism and terrorism.

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