Essay: A Leader should be Proactive

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Essay: A Leader should be Proactive

Be proactive

A leader must be involved in every activity that he issues instructions on. This is important in making the people under him believe that he also believes in his proposals. This will give those receiving his instructions a better attitude towards executing the same.

Begin with the end in mind

As a leader, it is very important that one foresees the future of a project. Before indulging in a certain project, having a vision of how that project will end is very important. This will help other colleagues and employees under that leader share his point of view.

Put first things first

For a leader, priorities are everything. Having priorities helps the leader make informed decisions and avoid being caught up with time and issues. There are a lot of responsibilities that a leader is given. He is expected to not just make decisions, but also make the correct ones. The leader thus has got to know how to put first things first in order to ensure the effectiveness of his position (Covey, 2002).

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