Essay: School lunches and children’s health

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Essay: School lunches and children’s health

There are some points of school education which are not discussed. The trend of school lunch is continuing from many years. The schools provide food to all children, for which they have to queue and then eat their lunch at the given time. The question is that whether the schools provide enough healthy meals to the children or not? Sometimes the children also get sick and prone to illness because of the food at school. Food is very necessary for the physical as well as the mental growth of children; and therefore, eating the right kind and appropriate amount of food can be very necessary.

The debate about whether school lunches are having a positive effect on children’s health is not given much importance. Some parents do not even care about which nutrients are needed for the children and they do not give importance in planning their children’s meals. Such children are therefore the victims of malnutrition or they are underweight or sometimes overweight. Moreover, schools need to increase their budget over school lunch and hire a specialist nutritionist to advise the cooks to prepare meals which are healthy for children. If schools are not able to raise the particular finance, the government should contribute and should provide funds for having a specialist lunch health program for school going children.

The meals for the School Lunch Program should be planned in a way which will incorporate all the types of food in the dishes. A variety of food groups should be included and the meals should be planned at the right time of the day. Making the meals attractive and tasty is also needed because children are not easily convinced to eat healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. Thus, proper teaching should be given to children which will educate them about the benefits of eating healthy. The children also need to be told that they can perform better in school and other activities if the right amount of energy is provided to their bodies.

Schools should take an initiative to improve their lunch programs, but parents should individually monitor their children’s health as some children require a special type of diet in their daily meals. They might even have a deficiency of some kind or could be suffering from obesity. It is the duty of parents to look after their children in the most attentive way, and then expect other authorities to do the same.


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