Essay: Success takes hard work

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Essay: Success takes hard work

Every person places a different importance for success. The meaning of success may also vary from person to person. For some people, success is happiness. For others, it is achieved by having a good job, happy family and relationships. Some people also think having a lot of money and power is a success. But how is it achieved? Success is the ultimate goal which people work hard to achieve. The major factor for success is hard work. Without hard work, there can be no person who can survive in this competitive world. Some people still manage to survive because of their influence on society. However, hard work is the major element in the road to success.

The most common example of showing that hard work leads to success is in the academic world. The academic world is not a place where one can achieve success easily. A student has to go through a lot of struggle to reach the top of his/her class. Constant nights of cramming texts, regularly doing homework and keeping up with class assignments is not an easy task as there are many distractions in school and college life. Even if the student is very intelligent and is gifted with unique talent, he/she has to work hard to combine the intelligence with hard work. The student also has to participate in extracurricular activities and therefore, managing so much work requires a lot of hard work and struggle. The reward for this hard work is in the form of high grades or a high GPA. Academic results are very important and in order to succeed further in life, students should place a high priority on their academics.

The academic success is important at a certain stage in life but once a person becomes an adult, he/she has to meet the constant pressures of a job. The workplace is the real life scenario where success is achieved through hard work only. The more willing a person is to work; the higher he/she would be rewarded. At the workplace, rewards are in the form of monetary benefits. The pay is increased if an employee is dedicated to the company’s betterment.

Another type of success is when a person is able to maintain a strong with a bond with his/her partner or people in the family. To achieve this, hard work is also important. This hard work is in the form of sharing each other’s time, understanding each other and trusting one another. Such are the examples as why hard work is needed to achieve a successful life.

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