Management of Cultural Diversity in Companies

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Management of Cultural Diversity in Companies

In the 21st century, one of the significant skill for the efficient performance of work is cultural competence with the increasingly diversified domestic employees towards the businesses’ globalization. Cultural competence is referred to as the capability of interacting efficiently with individuals belonging from various cultures. This capability also depends upon the tolerant attitudes towards cross-cultural skills and differences of cultures, the knowledge of other worldviews and practices of cultures, and the awareness of perspectives about other cultures. Thereby to avoid work-related issues, it is essential that training about cultural competency must be provided as a lot of various cultures work together. Issues based on cultural can involve endangerment to the efficiency of the performance and productivity of employees, and actual conflict and miscommunications.

Development of cultural competence provides outcomes of the capability of efficiently interacting with individuals belonging from different cultures, communicating with them, and understanding the cultural differences. It also involves working with different schedules and beliefs of different cultures. To management of cultural diversity in organizations, it is essential to follow certain steps, such as schedules, time, team-work, and communication. For efficient team and work performance, it is crucial to provide prompt and accurate information. Communication is necessary as when any project is going in the wrong way immediate corrective actions required. However, individuals from different cultures have their own differences and reactions towards any bad conflicts in the organizations.

The next step is team building. Individualistic cultures are practiced in countries such as the United States. Whereas, cooperation among different teams is practiced and valued in other cultures. Although issues related to team building can be quite difficult as different individuals are what that makes up a team. Thereby, it is essential to build efficient cross-cultural team so that potential benefits of the cultural diversity can be availed throughout the organizations. The next step is how time is perceived in different cultures. For instance, the mix of workplace between the social and work behavior and the difference in the balance between the family and work like. Some other differences involve the perspectives related to overtime. However, great misunderstandings can be created in the organizations due to different perspectives related to time. Especially regarding deadlines and scheduling. As the significance of cultural diversity in organizations is underscored by different perspectives about time. The last and next step is scheduling. Work can be influenced by religious and cultural events impacting the organizations.

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