PowerPoint Presentation Tips

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PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Slideshows are simple to create, edit, and use to insert visual attention into a PowerPoint presentation. Even for seasoned presenters, though, slideshows can be disastrous. The trick to success is to ensure that your slideshow serves as a visual guide rather than a diversion.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips

  1. Build a consistent and basic style pattern with the slide master feature. It is fine to change up the content presentation, but keep other elements like font, color, and context intact.
  2. Reduce the number of terms on each screen by simplifying and limiting them. Use main phrases and only provide detail that is essential. Avoid using all capital letters and limiting punctuation. The use of white space on the slide will improve readability.
  3. Use different colors for the text and the background. It is better to use light text on a dark backdrop. Text readability may be harmed by patterned backgrounds.
  4. Text animation and other flashy switches can be avoided. These features can seem spectacular at first, but they soon become irritating and tiresome.
  5. Use high-quality images to support and enhance your post. When projecting on a wider scale, make sure the picture retains its effect and resolution.
  6. Learn how to use non-linear navigation in your presentation. Without having to page through all the interim slides, PowerPoint encourages the presenter to skip forward or back.
  7. Know how to go forward and backward in the presentation and practice doing so. Audiences also request that the previous screen be seen again.
  8. View the slides on the computer you’ll be using for your presentation if possible. Make sure the slides can be viewed from the back row. Text and graphical graphics should be legible.
  9. In the event of logistical problems, have a backup plan. Remember the animation and other special effects would not be visible on transparencies or handouts.
  10. Practice in front of someone who has not seen a presentation before. Inquire about the colors, content, and any effects or graphical images you have included, and get their honest reviews.
  11. Do not read the slides aloud. The listener, not the host, should be the focus of the slides.
  12. Do not make eye contact on the slides. Rather than facing their audience, many presenters face the course of their introduction.

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