Research Paper: Effects of Birth Order on Personality

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Research Paper: Effects of Birth Order on Personality


The effects of birth order on human personality development have been the subject of several research. Some psychologists, like Alfred Adler and Sigmund Freud, came to the conclusion that the personality differences between children of the same parents may be explained by their birth orders (Hoffmann, 2004). Others argue that birth order has little bearing on the development of a person’s personality. Scholars like Adler, on the other hand, lack scientific proof that birth order does affect or play a part in defining a person’s personality. Birth orders refer to the position or order in which a child is born. For a long time, birth order has been thought to have substantial impacts on a person’s psychological development. However, as previously stated, a slew of scientifically supported studies have cast doubt on this statement. The majority of studies have concluded that there is little or no correlation between birth order and a person’s psychological development. Famous theorists such as Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung proposed the notion of birth order impacting human nature.


In the realm of scientific study, claims regarding the impact of a person’s birth order on the development of their personalities have gotten a lot of attention. The largest and most well-designed research groups have established that the two components have a near-zero or zero connection (Harris, 2006). Scientific study has focused on claims that a person’s birth order has an impact on their personality development. The greatest and most well-designed research organizations have proven that there is no link between the two components, either near-zero or absolutely zero (Harris, 2006).

Ernst and Angst conducted research to prove that Sigmund Freud’s and Alfred Adler’s and other psychologists’ theory that psychoanalysis was a waste of time was correct (Ernst & Angst, 1983). They gathered around 6315 men from Switzerland (Ernst & Angst, 1983). After analyzing their findings, they came to the conclusion that the concept of birth order was a waste of effort. Another study on the same subject was recently completed. According to the findings, there is no link between a person’s birth order and their personality development (Whitbourne 2013).

Birth order may occur in the framework of the family, but it has little impact on the personality development of family members, according to psychologist Judith Rich Harris (2006). (Harris, 2006). According to Harris, the differences in personality among family members are due to the fact that each person leaves and lives a life separate from the family.

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