Research Paper Idea: Segregated and joint conjugal roles

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Research Paper Idea: Segregated and joint conjugal roles

Marriage is considered as a sacred institution where both the partners benefit equally in the relationship. While the importance of marriage has declined in the previous years, there are still some who prefer to marry. However, marriage is done at a later age than before as some people are career driven and marry at some later point in their lives. The main reason why people marry is to get the emotional and economic support of their partner and to spend life with someone. However, with marriage comes a responsibility. Every relationship has some rights and duties. In marriage, there are conjugal roles which mean that each partner is assigned some particular tasks to carry out around the home and outside the home to maintain the going off home.

Each marriage is different and the people who are in the bond, experience different life experiences. The conjugal roles are of two kinds. There are segregated conjugal roles where the partners have different tasks on the basis of their gender or their contribution to the house, such as their occupation. However, it also depends on the society where the couples live and the structure of family where they live. Segregated conjugal roles are basically where the husband and wife have a clear distinction in their work tasks. It is mostly where the woman is a housewife and the man is the breadwinner and therefore, the woman works for the house tasks and the man looks after the tasks which are outside the home. Therefore, there is a clear distinction in the chores of both the partners.

We have experienced a more gender neutralized society in the past few years. The women are given more rights and labor laws regarding equal pay have been implemented. Therefore, more women have started working for a livelihood. The difference in the segregated and joint conjugal roles is that joint conjugal roles are where the husband and wife have somewhat similar roles and they share the tasks of the home between themselves. There is no distinction on what is feminine and masculine work. It can be evident in some areas of the United States. However, even if the woman is working, she has to do additional work as compared to what she was doing before. The woman is then doing the ‘triple shift’ which means that she is looking after her house, doing her job and then coming home and doing additional care on her children or looking after her household. Therefore, this change in the situation of the household has worsened the burden on women.

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