Research Paper on Strategic International Business Management

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Research Paper on Strategic International Business Management

Strategic International Business Management


Employees have a critical role in an organization’s success or failure. All successful firms across the world, it appears, get their scope of triumph from the improved treatment of recruits and appropriate coordination of operations among personnel. Workers, without a doubt, find it intriguing and self-motivating to complete the essential task in businesses that care more about their well-being and those that have a reputable working environment that allows for universal contact amongst the workforce (Burgess 2005, p.325). The management has noble duties to play in maintaining the active performance and achievement of the employees. For example, executives must succeed at demonstrating recommended leadership, awarding enthusiastic services to subjects, and maintaining change management efficiency. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the relevant theories of leadership, motivation, and change management in order to explain how successfully a manager in a modern workplace with a diverse range of experience and culture could inspire employees. Similarly, the research expands on the strategies for dealing with variety, particularly in the context of multi-cultural phenomena.

Use of Leadership to Motivate Employees

It is undeniable that the effect of leaders in every firm has a huge impact on employees. The attitude and morale of the workforce are likely to be defined by the leaders. Leadership theories such as trait, behavioral, and contingency models will be critical in reaching the climax in terms of inspiring people.

Trait Theory

Leaders’ personalities are viewed as instruments for success in the characteristic model. Administrators with unique characteristics such as drive, honesty, persistence, compassion, and consciousness, according to Latham (2015, p.107), are more likely to succeed in their supervisory roles. Similarly, as a manager, I would guarantee that there is a high level of integrity and openness when dealing with staff. In addition, sympathy would considerably predominate in government to demonstrate a degree of understanding of the workers’ plight.

Behavioral Theory

Rather than depending just on existing qualities, the behavioral model aids in choosing the appropriate choices to take (Olafsen et al., 2015, p.447). Managers are required to allow for team development on the platform, which fosters worker collaboration. Particularly, organization solidarity would boost employee morale by allowing them to readily exchange information and skills amongst themselves. In addition, the exercise would cultivate an intrinsic desire to perform at one’s best, particularly when members are free and open to one another, with developed trust and confidence.

Contingency Theory

The strategy necessitates the management of many areas such as guidance, assistance, coaching, and distribution of responsibilities to the employees. As a manager, I would make certain that new hires receive previous training before starting work in the institution, as well as that existing employees are taught about job requirements on a regular basis. For example, the company may set aside cash to assist our employees’ research and new innovations, as well as provide scholarships and offers to select talented employees who want to further their education and enhance their abilities.

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