Research Paper: The relations of genes and shyness

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Research Paper: The relations of genes and shyness

There is a strong link between genetic disposition, environment and shyness. Quantitative genetics have been doing studies on the relations of genes and shyness and found the relationship quite similar. They conducted studies with fraternal and identical twin infants and observed their behavior in both laboratory and their homes. They found out that since the twins share the heredity makeup as well as environment they exhibited having shyness and suggested that serotonin is largely responsible for this (Genomen News 2000).

Another study focusing on the relationship between genes and shyness observed 100-second grade students and gauged their responses through questionnaires. They gave the same assignment to their parents and observed a strong relation between parental and child behavior relative to shyness. Moreover, they then took DNA samples of children considered to be shy and observed that Serotonin gene existed in them (Psychiatric News 2011). Therefore, giving out a strong link between gene connection and shyness.

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