Research Paper: Work of O Neil

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Research Paper: Work of O Neil

Work of O Neil

O’Neill observes that neo-Pentecostals seek to reconstruct first their country and ultimately all other countries. Lastly, O’Neill also introduces his second argument that is vaguely covered throughout the rest of the book. His work is exceeding ambitious and succeeds on several occasions. Over and above the already formidable responsibility of unfolding neo-Pentecostal citizenship, he charges himself with the responsibility of making contributions to the anthropology of Christianity, the anthropology in the City of Guatemala, and the evolution of neoliberalism, and  the relationship between Christianity and governance.

As ethnography of the lived reality demonstrated by neo-Pentecostals in the city of Guatemala, this book bridges a much-need research gap. O’Neill negotiates the potential source of participant’s inclination to neo-Pentecostal life with humility and presents a knack for juxtaposing the process of making sense of daily life experiences in the extremely inhumane view of postwar Guatemala City.

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