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Tips for Writing a Dissertation

Your dissertation writing is the outcome of years of study and the pinnacle of your Ph.D. The consistency of your finished work can be determined by how you tackle one of the most critical tasks of your academic career. While it is vital to devote enough time to preparing and structuring your published work while at…
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Dissertation: Biological Personality Traits

Biological personality traits are consistent in life even when an individual is faced with various life experiences. In one way or another, they influence the personal choice of environmental experiences right from an early age. For instance, a child with temperamental characteristics such as high activity level tends to be jumpy, curious and may explore…
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Custom Paper: Post Care Interventions

Post Care Interventions Visitation from outpatient services health practitioners may also be relevant during an inpatient stay to assess whether the patient may require case management the following discharge. On the day of discharge, the medical practitioner arranges outpatient follow-up appointments and support services such as community support groups.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction for Businesses

Importance of Customer Satisfaction for Businesses Satisfaction to the customer is the key objective for any organization or company. The organizations thus need to establish a stable and dedicated customer care service that will help nurture the relationship between the customers and the organization. Dedication to providing customers with an ear for their complaints, appreciative…
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Custom Paper: Importance of Competitive Advantage to Firms

Importance of Competitive Advantage to Firms There are different ways through which firms create competitive advantage. Firms can do this at the most basic level by coming up with or discovering new and better ways to compete in an industry. This will enable firms to establish themselves in the markets. This, in itself, is a…
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Custom Paper: Reengineering in Business Processes

Re-engineering in Business Processes The term reengineering was introduced into the business world in 1993 by two authors, Michel Hammer and James Champy. In their book, the two authors have defines reengineering as a fundamental rethinking of business processes that involves radical redesigning aimed at making the business attain dramatic improvements in the measures of…
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Academic Paper: The US and Brazilian Culture

The US and Brazilian Culture The U.S.A has a UAI of 46 compared to that of Brazil; 76. Such an enormous disparity suggests that the U.S.A is more lapsed when it comes to taking a business risk and conducting business in uncertain environments. Brazil portrays a relatively low individualism/collectivism index of 38, compared to U.S.A’s…
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Academic Paper: Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling

Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling In the book Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling, the Gerald and Virginia (2005) talk about the different scenarios and situations that counsellors usually have to deal with. The chapters present the various challenging cases that usually out the counsellors in a dilemma when dealing with the clients. Reading through the…
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Academic Paper: Social Identity of a Woman

Social Identity of a Woman In her description of a woman’s role, Christine asserts a woman to be in control of her own social identity depending on the way she controls her domestic system. Her social worth increases in the eyes of the community depending on how she conducts her affairs both at home and…
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Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement?

The starting of a new school year initiates with the reawakening of old discussion over the significance of homework. At all levels of grade, scores on class tests can be improved through practice assignments. Students of elementary school may avail a significant amount of help through homework. As homework may help them in building their…
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