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Technological Innovations in the Medical Field

Besides the other technological innovations that are used by individuals and businesses such as the Internet, Smartphones, Social Media etc, and also used in the medical profession there are various other technological innovations that were invented and used exclusively in the medical field. These technological innovations have positively affected the dissemination of information for both…
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Medical Practitioners need to be Culturally Competent

Medical Practitioners need to be Culturally Competent Another essential need that families have when their children are in the hospital is to be respected for their differences. Pettoello-Mantovani et al (2009), state that globalization has made societies be widely diverse and this is depicted well in the hospital setting. This diversity means that there are…
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Custom Paper: Parents of Children who are ill

Parents of Children who are ill The second important need for the family is to have open lines of communication with the medical practitioners with regard to the child’s illness, health, any procedures or medications that may be required for the illness as well as any other information that may be deemed necessary (Brown et…
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Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Setting

Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Setting Evidence- based practice is essential in any clinical setting and leads to change within the hospital. This essay shows how evidence- based practice brings change within an organization and how the change is managed. Thus, it uses two journal articles whose focus is on change initiated by evidence- based practice.

Buy Custom Paper Test of Allelopathy

Test of Allelopathy What is the danger of using seeds such as radish and mung bean which may not be found in the ecosystems of the allelopathic plants being tested? Radish and mung seeds are the most preferred seedlings to use in the test of allelopathy because of their small size and they germinate rapidly.…
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Academic Paper: Pharmacology and Psychotherapy

Pharmacology and Psychotherapy Currently, both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy are the preferred methods of treatment for depression and other mental disorders. However, they both differ in various aspects, which determine a patient’s, preferences. Antidepressants relieve symptoms in a matter of hours while psychotherapy takes slightly longer before the symptoms are relieved. However, psychotherapy results have a…
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Academic Paper: Preferred Treatment Option for Depression

Preferred Treatment Option for Depression The patients, who are assigned to their preferred treatment option, are able to form therapeutic alliances early in the process which is a strong determinant of the outcome of the therapy. Such patients exhibit commitment and engage fully in therapy long enough for the patient to recover fully.

Academic Paper: Psychotherapy versus Pharmacotherapy

Psychotherapy versus Pharmacotherapy Clinical depression is a term used to describe mental disorder where such feelings as anger, sadness, loss, frustration, unworthiness, irritability, temper outburst, insomnia, loss of appetite, unhappiness among others, are experienced and may interfere with a patient’s everyday life. This disorder has continued to pose a significant health problem worldwide affecting people of…
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