Teaching Children With Learning Disabilities

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Teaching Children With Learning Disabilities

Teaching children with learning disabilities is quite complicated and poses a unique challenge to both parents who have such children and the teachers whose job is to teach. Normal children learn when very young the way to process information and create an organized plan or approach to overcome problems. It is of no consequence whether the problem is social, academic, or connected to the work they are doing. Children with learning disabilities find such normal processes quite difficult and people are just beginning to understand that these children were born with learning disabilities. This study of nervous disorders creates complexity in coordinating information received, remembering it, and expressing information, and therefore, affects a person’s basic functions such as reading, writing, comprehension, and reasoning.

However, children with learning disabilities can be taught effectively using strategies that will help them approach tasks in a different manner. Teaching children with learning disabilities means understanding the types of disabilities these children have. There are several types of learning disabilities. Some of the disabilities commonly found are dyslexia (not able to read properly), dyscalculia (very poor in math reasoning), dysgraphia (difficulty with sentence structure ), image, and auditory problems Generally, a child with learning disabilities has problems in school such as in study skills, writing skills, oral skills, reading skills, math skills and social skills. While studying, children have no sense of time and are therefore unable to finish assignments on time. They also experience difficulties in taking notes and understanding and following instructions.

Children with learning disabilities do not have the ability to spell correctly and make numerous grammatical mistake which results in poor sentence structure and poor writing abilities.  When teachers speak fast, the child will not be able to understand or recall what the teacher has said.  They are very slow readers and usually have incorrect grasping power and very poor retention capabilities.  They are confused with math symbols, and have difficulty with principles of time and money. Realizing their inabilities result in low self-esteem which limits their social skills which make them very shy and withdrawn from mixing and playing with other children.

Teaching children with learning disabilities can be made simple.  Some ways to do this  are: asking questions in a descriptive way and then ask the students with learning disabilities to explain  his or her understanding of the questions; using an overhead projector with an outline of the lesson or unit of the day; reducing course load for students with learning disabilities; providing clear photocopies of notes and overhead transparencies if the student benefits from such strategies; providing students with chapter outlines or study guides that cue them to key points in their readings; providing a detailed course syllabus before class begins; asking questions in a way that helps the student gain confidence.

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