Television Violence And Children

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Television Violence And Children

The best way to prevent children being affected by violent on television is to find out how violent episodes on television have negative effects on children, including the morality of allowing children to watch such episodes. This violence relates to the Freedom of Speech that most Western countries have in their constitution. This gives the television channels the constitutional right to broadcast material that they believe attracts the largest audiences.  Viewers argue that if networks were forced by law to remove violence from their programs, this would constitute a violation of their rights of freedom. Psychologists are of the opinion that when children are exposed to violence on television, they become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others.

Therefore children will be hurt or may perpetrate violence on other children because for them this is normal. Research also reported the fact that violence on television might make the children paranoid and afraid of their environs, especially at night. Children become wary and even scared of strangers, and might even have nightmares because of the violence they witness of the television. They imagine the world as a jungle, and they need to be violent to survive. Additionally, mention that children view other children and the world around them with aggression. These children do not get along with other children because of their negative attitude.  In their interaction with other children, they tend to fight because they think that they have to assert their power and authority.

This happens because most parents are too busy to spare time for their children, thereby diminishing the moral standards of these impressionable children. These parents just want to keep the children busy without considering the outcome. To combat this problem, children should be educated on the dangers of watching these television programs. Parents for their part must spend as much time as possible with their children so that the child becomes aware of the parent’s concern for their mental well being. They should watch television with their children, and guide them in avoiding programs with violence. Banning children from watching TV is not the solution to this problem.

This will make them look for every opportunity to watch these programs, and this will make matters even worse. However, parents can control what their children view by inserting passwords on channels that show too much violence, thereby preventing easy access to impressionable children. , the parents must teach the child to differentiate between fact and fiction. The child should be told that the channels broadcast these programs to earn money and that these programs are not based on real life or on the truth.