Term Paper: Apocalypticism in early Christianity

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Term Paper: Apocalypticism in early Christianity

In the last chapter, Collins looks into the apocalyptic literature from the Diaspora in the Roman Period. Here, he discusses once more the Sibylline Oracles. He also discusses 2 Enoch, 3 Baruch, and the Testament of Abraham. In the final chapter, Collins does look at apocalypticism in early Christianity. He looks at the life of Jesus and the role he played as an eschatological prophet. He looks at how Jesus combines this role of prophecy with that of being the son of man and having the messiah title[1]. Collins discusses briefly Paul’s eschatology and finally looks at and discusses the book of Revelation.

Just like I stated in the beginning, ‘the Apocalypse Imagination’ is a must read for anyone who is interested in the apocalyptic literature. It gives very clear and definitive information which is arranged chronologically and thus very easy to understand also. The author does give plenty of information which is put up in an easy to follow framework. There are a lot of textual references for anybody who would like to crosscheck the author’s conclusions. The book is very conclusive in its arguments and this is what makes it a good read for everybody.

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