Term Paper: Social Media Network

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Term Paper: Social Media Network

Communication has always been considered an important aspect in the media. There are a number of mediums through which people communicate. However, the internet has become the most modern way of delivering information and getting aware of the daily activities of people. Social networking is a place where people become a part of the larger community and where information can be spread over million of people. Social media is a broad term and websites such as Facebook and Twitter are referred to as social media networks. Therefore, these are just mediums through which one can socialize, and not the entire social media.

Facebook has become the most popular social media network because it always buys off its competitors, such as MySpace. It is easy to use and not that complicated as the other websites, such as Twitter. Facebook is user-centric, which means that the main focus of the website is placed on the user. MySpace had a similar agenda but it was shut down. Therefore, millions of user all over the world use Facebook to portray certain individuality about them and to keep their friends and family updated.  Twitter, on the other hand, does not focus too much on the user and is an efficient means of social networking. On Twitter, a person can post something and millions of people can view the tweet at the same time. It is a fast and effective method for voicing one’s opinion.

People prefer being online so that they can be updated about other people’s lives. They also regularly post so that they can not stay behind. The people on the Facebook act in a play and everybody wants to win. They portray that image about themselves which they know people would like and appreciate. There is a growing number user who uses social media networks on a regular basis. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become the most highly used network sites and more than a billion users have joined it.

The influence of social media network is increasing and they have become the most powerful way to spread information across borders and nations. YouTube is the most watched website and has a turnover of billion viewers in a month. This portrays that the old form of media, i.e. newspaper and radio have lost its importance and the social networks have become more popular than ever. This is because the internet is easily available at every home and the cost of using it has also decreased.

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