Term Paper: Technology in Education

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Term Paper: Technology in Education

The purpose of education is to instill values in children and make their verbal and writing skills more polished. While every school has a different motive to achieve, education is a learning process where children learn to become a socially acceptable member of society. The society is a place which only accepts the same kind of people and those who conform to the law and order and the rules of the society. Education is a very important guide into people’s lives and, therefore, the most advanced technology should be used so that the learning procedure can be made interactive and fun.

The modern technology has been beneficial in making people’s lives easier and this should be incorporated into the field of education. Education can be interactive and students can become eager to learn through the help of technology. The modern era consists of smartphones, tablets, laptops and the rise of new innovative gadgets which are designed to bring a fun element into people’s lives and also causes a shift from the conventional method of living. The way how teachers use this technology to deliver ideas and facts is a deterrent in making a student interested in studying.

The use of laptops is made in college life as each student conducts an independent research of what the teacher is explaining. With the facility of fast speed internet, students are able to search for information under less than a minute. Therefore, more learning is achieved as the students may become keen on the subject material and also get to know additional information from the internet. Moreover, the usage of projectors and PowerPoint presentations are helpful in providing a visual aid to the students. More teachers are now realizing that there should be a shift in the way things are taught. Therefore, the presentation would be more interactive than a textbook or chalk and blackboard teaching. The use of computers to conduct tests can easily provide the results and the teacher can easily check them without the hassle of going through every test paper.

While technology has been proven to make our lives easier, it can easily distract the person from academic success. Technology is addictive and it can, therefore, divert the attention of students from studying by engaging them into using social networking sites or frequently blogging through YouTube or other websites of their interest. While this social interaction may be beneficial for their social development, it may not actually help them achieve good grades in academics.

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