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How can you define a report in easy terms?  In simple terms, a report is a document which consists of facts and figures in a logically organized manner. What kinds of facts are included in reports? A large variety of information is included in reports.  Some of the options include numerical statistics, literal information, and definitions. For a student, it is impossible to write these reports because a lot of information need to be collected. In addition to that, you can have a look at some of the forms of reports.

Reports for Corporate Organizations

Every company publishes a lot of reports so that the information can be maintained and updated as and when it is required.  To write these reports, organizations usually have a proper department,  which collects the data and prepares the reports.  What do these reports describe?  In simple terms, these reports describe the market situation of the company. For instance, if the company is going through a loss period, it would be displayed in the reports.

 Reports for Targeted Audiences

Some reports are not meant for everyone. They are written for a specific category of people. Hence, they contain very specific information and are written using a special format.  In these reports, information is usually displayed using the date terminologies. This is the reason because of which they also involve calculations and statistical displays. These reports need to be checked before they are published.

Reports for books and gazettes

The process to write book reports is straight and simple. You need to select a book, read it and extract the facts and figures. Apart from facts and figures, you need to provide information about the author and his/her writing profile as well. Most of the book report content talks about the central plot of the book. The quality of the report depends totally on the kind of book selected.

Reports written for Technical purposes

What are technical reports? The reports written for a specific industry or group of companies are called technical reports. Usually, these reports have a different layout as compared to the other reports. For instance, the reports written by a marketing company would be different as compared to a bank. These reports are also written for a fixed category of people. In addition to that, they do not contain default calculations only. The facts and figures used in these reports are based on experiments and practical calculations.

It is not easy to work on these reports. First of all, they have a very high urgency level and you need to finish the reports with very short timelines. This is just one of the issues. Secondly, reports require proper group work. Usually, the roles are not identified and created by the teachers. Students discuss the responsibilities among themselves.

When you want to work on reports, you have two basic alternatives and you need to make your selection accordingly. The first option is that you can work on the reports without any professional assistance and secretly ask a capable colleague to assist you.

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