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A Quality-of-Life Scale for Assistive Technology

A Quality-of-Life Scale for Assistive Technology Moreover, technology has many more uses. In their study entitled, ‘A Quality-of-Life Scale for assistive technology: Results of a pilot study of aging and technology’, Agree and Freedman (1780-1788) sought to find out whether assistive technology, like hearing aids and wheelchairs are important to the elderly and if they…
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Custom Paper: Functions of Regional Internet Registry

From the functions of RIRs, as highlighted in the tutorials, the primary aim of registries is to create an equitable distribution of IP addresses and other resources that are essential for the internet’s operation. More precise is the correlation between registries and IPv4, IPv6, and AS numbers as used in internet communication.

Custom Paper: Information needed for the Selection Process

Information needed for the Selection Process In order to make the decision on the selection process, there is certain information that is very vital and is needed by the employer. The employer should conduct a pre-interview for the job. This will help scale down the number of applicant to only the serious ones. The applicants…
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Technological Advancement in the Plumbing Business

Every building has to plumb and although consumption and requirements may be different, the overall goal of everyone is the conservation of water. It can be called a smart plumbing or green plumbing but whatever the name, the objective is the efficient use of water through resourceful in the enhancement of land including the disposal…
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Technological Innovations in the Medical Field

Besides the other technological innovations that are used by individuals and businesses such as the Internet, Smartphones, Social Media etc, and also used in the medical profession there are various other technological innovations that were invented and used exclusively in the medical field. These technological innovations have positively affected the dissemination of information for both…
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Technology In The Healthcare Field

Technology in the healthcare field has changed the entire structure and organization of the medical field. This includes the changes that technology has brought about in medical records and the progress made in bio-medical engineering, modern healthcare and the overall practice of medicine.  Progressive medical technology has changed the pattern of diagnosing and treating patients…
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Custom Paper: Input Devices of a Computer System

 Input Devices of a Computer System Input devices. These include pointing devices such as the mouse, trackball, joystick and the light pen. Learning Outcomes: Introduction During the introduction, the learner will be asked questions. Such questions as;

Term Paper: User Friendly Object Oriented Programming

User-Friendly Object Oriented Programming This difference between a class and an object may appear subtle, but it is sufficient, bearing in mind that object oriented programming seeks to develop user friendly suites that must be unique in character, behavior and identity. Essentially, this analogous to visiting an architect or a planner to have a new…
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Custom Paper: Address Resolution Protocol

Address Resolution Protocol In practical terms, if a terminal is trying to access a host whose IP address is unknown, the terminal can send a request to its network DNS server since its address is known to the terminal sending the request (RAD University, 2011).