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Essay on Gender Equality

The previous two centuries have witnessed enormous progress toward gender equality in the political and legal world, from the 1840s, when American women were first allowed to possess property in their own names, to the most recent anti-discrimination regulations. However, equality stated by statute does not necessarily translate into genuine equality in society. Gender equality…
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PhD Thesis Writing Help

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Academic Paper: Social Identity of a Woman

Social Identity of a Woman In her description of a woman’s role, Christine asserts a woman to be in control of her own social identity depending on the way she controls her domestic system. Her social worth increases in the eyes of the community depending on how she conducts her affairs both at home and…
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Television Violence And Children

The best way to prevent children being affected by violent on television is to find out how violent episodes on television have negative effects on children, including the morality of allowing children to watch such episodes. This violence relates to the Freedom of Speech that most Western countries have in their constitution. This gives the…
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Custom Paper: Violence Against Women

Since 1989, the operations of such programs and the issues relating to violence against women have evolved considerably. For instance, the federal changes of the violence against women act (VAWA) brought changes in the approach towards victims of sexual and domestic violence against women. The changes proposed increased funding for domestic violence and sexual assaults…
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Term Paper: Conflict between Laws and Human Rights

Conflict between Laws and Human Rights There was a conflict between enforcement of laws and protection of human rights and civil liberties since the state governments reserved monopoly in the legitimate use of force. The excesses of state power would, however, decline dramatically during the civil war years after South Carolina allied to other Southern…
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Essay: Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities

Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities Discrimination against persons with disabilities in the world of work has continued to haunt most employers for many years. Despite the fact, that disabilities can arise in diverse ways or take different forms,  such as physical, sensory, intellectual or mental impairment  majority of workplace discrimination is substantially due to negligence.…
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Custom Paper: What is a Crime

What is a Crime? A crime is any act or omission that violates a law and crimes results in a punishment (remedies). Punishments can range from  imprisonment to the payment of fines. The  magnitude of the offense or omission will  be set in reference to the severity of the crime. For instance, parking in a…
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Custom Paper: Racial discrimination in African Americans

Racial discrimination in African Americans For Ages now, many African Americans live as aliens in their own country. They have faced a lot of racial discrimination simply because their physical appearances. While it is clear that African- Americans originated from Africa as slaves, they were offered citizenship during the civil war (Grobman, 1990).

Custom Paper: Reducing Child Abuse and Neglect

Reducing Child Abuse and Neglect Strengthening Families through Early Care and Education is a strategy to reduce child abuse and neglect – but its impacts are much larger than that. The approach uses early childhood programs’ everyday activities to build “protective factor” around children and families. Currently, the Strengthening Families approach is being applied in…
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